Taking your group to the next level

We believe in the power of independents and Buying Groups. So we became experts in the business.

That’s a bold statement! It comes from close to two decades of focus helping Buying Groups, Purchasing Co-operatives, along with their independent members become more effective, more competitive and make better strategic decisions with the power of reliable, accurate, real-time data.

As the leading technology and software partner for Buying Groups around the world, we work elbow-to-elbow with them, learning their challenges and generating strategic ideas. We connect 40K+ independent businesses, their groups, and their suppliers. Our expertise enables us to hit the ground running, so we can deliver sound counsel, taking businesses to new heights.

Three facts about LBMX past

Designed exclusively for the independent business supply chain

The LBMX marketplace is built for the unique needs of passionately independent businesses, strategic buying groups, and suppliers. We understand that even though they may face similar challenges, every participant is different. Standard, off-the-shelf ERP and eCommerce software packages don’t fit this supply chain model. 

We built our software platform from the ground up with independent businesses in mind. The LBMX marketplace ties together your suppliers, buying group, and end use customers providing significant benefit to each participant. 

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Future-proof your group

Constantly evolving and always innovating, LBMX protects the future of the buying group model. LBMX set the standard for group-centric rebate management, central / direct billing applications, and EDI.  We continue to launch new technology, including the world’s only product information management (PIM) solution designed for buying groups and their members. Whether you are a buying group or a purchasing co-operative, central bill or direct bill, large or small, LBMX has the platform for you.

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Global focus

We turned this insight into trusted advisor and consultant relationships with groups of all sizes, in many different industries throughout the U.S., Canada, the UK, New Zealand and Australia.

Knowledge is strength, and LBMX shares this strength by hosting and curating the only international summit aimed at CEOs and other executives of buying groups and purchasing co-operatives. Through this summit, LBMX fosters open discussion of key issues facing groups today.

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Accelerate Executive Summit

LBMX organizes the only global summit for C-level executives, in the buying group space. Accelerate is a creative learning and networking event curated by LBMX, not a customer event. It is an opportunity for group executives from around the world to share practical experiences, gain valuable insights, and join a community of like-minded individuals with similar needs and challenges to ensure the group model thrives.

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Group 2.0.

The traditional role of buying groups is changing. Groups need to disrupt themselves or risk being disrupted. LBMX is leading this change by providing technology solutions for both the traditional buy side – rebate management, central billing, electronic ordering, etc. – and the sell side – digital marketplaces, B2B and B2C e-commerce, and group product information management (PIM). LBMX’s marketplace shrinks the technology gap between your members and their corporate competitors, allowing your buying group to re-invent itself. This is the essence of Group 2.0.

We future-proof Buying Groups.

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