Success Stories

Our partners' successes speak for themselves

Discover how LBMX has helped buying groups from around the world succeed in growing their groups, increase purchase volume and revenue, and add value to their members. Read about their success stories and how they did it.

Timber Marts

“We needed more sophisticated EDI and computer capabilities to handle the growth in member volume and the complexity of our programs,” Director of Finance for TBM Group of Companies, Chantel Yarema said. “We’ve been able to maintain a lower head count and increase the reliability of our information because of the processes and controls we’ve designed into the LBMX system.”

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Ashburton Trading Society (ATS)

With LBMX, ATS could automate the previously manual process of delivering invoices to their 3000+ members and paved the way for future expansion.

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Lumbermen's Merchandising Corporation (LMC)

LBMX took the time to ask questions about the most important customer: their members. During a thorough day-long discovery session, “while they wanted to know about our team’s use of the technology and our processes,” says LMC, “they made sure to explore how our members would be impacted as well.”

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Athletic Dealer's Association (ADA)

LBMX made ADA’s transition to central billing possible, providing a cost-effective solution that avoided hiring additional staff and minimzed disruption.

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Lyon's Timber Mart

The Lyons team realized gains with LBMX’s EDI immediately after it went live in March 2013. Central billing invoices from their buying group, plus those direct from suppliers, were downloaded and integrated into BisTrack line-by-line, giving Lyons full visibility into their purchasing habits and trends. Those same invoices were automatically compared against the purchase orders and receiving documents, and the system flagged errors with the buyer.

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