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The LBMX Marketplace is the place to connect with your customers.  It is a full-service marketplace that allows to you do complete EDI with your customers, accept web orders, receive payment, and even provide product information.   

Currently transacting over $70 million per month.  Having started as a marketplace for over 250 HVAC distributors it has expanded to building materials, electrical, plumbing, flooring and food service. LBMX is investing significant resources to continually enhance this platform to ensure it provides you with the best user experience for you to do business with your independent distributor customers. 

Another Sales Channel

The LBMX Marketplace includes a production grade B2B eCommerce platform.  By engaging with LBMX B2B eCommerce, you can present your products online to an audience that is ready to buy.  Your customers can conduct business with you on one centralized platform.  This gives them the opportunity to place orders, maintain order history, receive POA’s, ASN’s and Invoices all via one secure platform, meaning they will use it and as a result drive more business to you.  The LBMX Marketplace gives you another sales channel to drive more business from your customers. 


Connect Once and Trade with All of your Customers

With a single connection to the LBMX Marketplace, our one-to-many architecture allows you connect with your customers through our advanced OneConnect network. LBMX accommodates most file standards as well as transmission types. Connecting to LBMX offers suppliers great advantage.  It means you can entirely automate the exchange of documents (invoices, purchase orders, purchase confirmations, and advance ship notifications) directly between you and your customers. 

Product Information Management (PIM)

The LBMX Marketplace gives you access to LBMX’s Product Information Management (PIM), allowing rich product content to be managed and distributed to all of your customers on the Marketplace. With rapidly evolving sales channels, product content is no longer a nice-to-have – it’s an urgent need. Built from the ground up, LBMX’s PIM provides your important data as you want to present itDoesn’t it make more sense to have your organization provide your product data to your customers rather than forcing them to go to a 3rd party? LBMX’s Product Information Management (PIM) solution allow rich product content to be managed centrally by you and then distributed to your customers.

Buy Better, Sell More.

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