LBMX Place

LBMX strengthens independents.
LBMX Place strengthens their communities.

LBMX Place supports musicians, arts education, youth sports, and other community organizations through investment, awareness, volunteering, and partnerships.

Connecting business. Creating community.

Locally owned, independent businesses are the lifeblood of the
community. Locally owned ourselves, LBMX supports our
community through our LBMX Place initiative.

Every day LBMX works to advance how independent businesses connect and do business. Our mission goes far beyond this. We believe our passion and the way we invest our time and money make a positive difference. Through LBMX Place, we are driven to continually improve our impact and our contribution to communities.

Through LBMX Place, we step forward to improve lives. We invest to create meaningful impact. We give back to make a difference.

And we couldn’t be more excited about it.

All Women LEAD
London Arts Council (LBMX Place Musicians Mentorship Program)
Sault Community Builders Awards
Fanshawe Scholarship
London Chamber of Commerce
Sault Ste. Marie Soup Kitchen
London City of Music Expo
Soo Pee Wee Hockey League
Forest City Gallery (Post-Bop Beathead Jazz Workshop)
London Girls Rock Camp
TechAlliance of Southwestern Ontario
Ronald MacDonald House Charities Southwestern Ontario
West London Minor Hockey Association