National Accounts

Leverage your group to sell nationally

Individual members can’t bid on lucrative national accounts, but your group can. With a national account strategy in place, you can connect your members with valuable business contracts they would have otherwise missed out on.

LBMX gives you the technology to easily manage national account programs, putting money in your members’ pockets.

Take control of your national accounts

LBMX gives you to full control of your national account:

  • Specify which products are and are not included within the program
  • Establish clear pricing for included products, including regional variations
  • Assign members to specific national account locations
  • Analyze what your national account customers are buying, when, and from who across all members
  • Automated tools to manage ordering and invoicing, maximizing efficiency while minimizing administrative costs

One ordering point for customers

Provide a seamless national experience with a single ordering point. Whether your national accounts order through an online catalogue, by punching out from their own ERP system, or via EDI, LBMX makes sure their purchase orders are delivered fast, accurately, and to the correct member.

Centralized, accurate invoicing

LBMX allows you to provide a single point of contact to national customers for billing. Here’s how it works:

  • Members send invoices for national accounts electronically to the group, using a variety of LBMX powered methods
  • Invoices are automatically reviewed, and terms and pricing are confirmed to be accurate
  • New, centralized invoices are created and sent to the national customer, giving them a central payable
  • The national account customer pays the group, and the group pays their members

Put money in your members’ pockets

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