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eCommerce tools for Supplier Selling

LBMX provides private marketplaces for buying groups and purchasing cooperatives in most major sectors. In addition, The LBMX Marketplace, provides the opportunity for suppliers to connect with independent businesses who need to engage in commerce outside of their groups. 

The LBMX B2B eCommerce platform allows you to sell to your customers through a production grade eCommerce solution. LBMX has thousands of independents logging into LBMX daily to handle their commercial payable transactions with their suppliers. By engaging with the LBMX B2B eCommerce platform you can list the products online to an audience that is ready to buy.  

Forrester forecasts that US B2B eCommerce will reach $1.8 trillion and account for 17% of all B2B sales in the US by 2023. The industry is twice as big as B2C. And just like B2C, more sales continue to shift from in-person to online. Forrester also found that manufacturers and wholesalers are the two industries generating this massive market growth. 

LBMX provides you with an opportunity to add an additional sales channel as well as realize the benefits of receiving orders electronically. For those customers that want to order directly rather than through the eCommerce platform, we offer the capability of full electronic purchases orders.  

Every business relies on their loyal account customers to help drive their business. B2B eCommerce provides an easy online format to conduct business in a contactless environment. This is the best place to start delivering your B2B eCommerce experience to allow your loyal customers to conduct business on their terms. Help make their jobs easier. 

  • Centralized Platform – Your customers can conduct business with you in one centralized platform. This gives them the opportunity to place orders, maintain order history, receive POA’s, ASN’s and Invoices all via one secure platform, meaning they will use and drive more business to you.  
  • Brand Awareness – Each supplier will have their own catalogue, which is branded with your logo creating a larger brand awareness. When a user selects a supplier catalogue, they see only that supplier’s products raising brand awareness and offering exclusivity. 
  • Reach – not all independent business owners have the technical capabilities to send electronic purchase orders. LBMX B2B eCommerce gives them the ability to order online and transmit PO’s through the LBMX OneConnect Network. 
  • Streamlined Process – a B2B eCommerce site helps streamline the ordering process by offering a reliable and efficient vehicle for placing and transmitting orders. Both the independent business owner and the supplier benefit through the efficiencies created through this process. 
  • Increased Sales – now independent business owners have access to all products available via the supplier catalogue. This can enable additional items purchased and increase the average order value. 
  • Lower Costs – manual order entry costs time, effort and in some cases can produce costly mistakes.  B2B eCommerce can automate the order process, reduce the cost of manual order entry and eliminate human error all resulting in increased efficiency. 
  • Ease-of-use – user-friendly site makes the sales process easier for independents to place orders and this can help grow your existing business and create new business opportunities. Quick search and advanced search options make it easy for a user to locate and purchase products. 

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