Welcome to the LBMX Buying Group Marketplace

LBMX is the world’s only buying group platform that connects your members and suppliers to a group-centric marketplace, providing frictionless rebate management, e-invoicing, product information management, digital marketplaces, and more with real-time reporting and analytics.

Rebate Management, Central Billing, eCommerce and more for the Digital Buying Group Marketplace

Imagine buying group management without spreadsheets and PDFs. Get real-time information that is automatically connected, actionable and available.

  • Efficiency

    Whether you bill directly or centrally (or want to), shrink overhead costs, reduce errors and become more efficient with up-to-the-minute rebate management.

  • Accuracy

    Based on real-time invoice data — not after-the-fact spreadsheets — LBMX ensures you can seize every rebate opportunity and put more money in your members' pockets.

  • Insights

    Get actionable, data-driven insights in real-time on any device. Track your key group metrics, measure real-time progress towards key rebate plateaus, see which members are supporting your programs and which are not, and unearth hidden insights within your group.

  • Growth

    Software tools to help your members seize new opportunities and increase sales while strengthening their loyalty to your group.

What is Accelerate Executive Summit?

Every year, Accelerate brings together executives and professionals representing buying groups and purchasing cooperatives of all sizes and industries from around the worlds to deliver a series of engaging, highly relevant content-driven sessions.