B2B eCommerce for Groups

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ECommerce tools for Member Buying 

LBMX’ B2B eCommerce platform provides feature-rich e-commerce tools that ties your suppliers, members, and your group into a thriving marketplace. 

It allows members to make their purchases online, quickly and easily. This secure solution is accessed from the Member’s My Marketplace secure connection, allowing members to search for products, look up prices, check vendor terms and rebates, and place electronic orders. Members can also choose to integrate their order management/ERP systems for a full EDI experience, eliminating manual keying. 

Online Ordering Means Buy Better

  • Gives you visibility into member buying at an aggregate level 
  • Allows you to highlight preferred suppliers and special opportunities 
  • Single ordering site with a consistent look and feel 
  • Additional rebate opportunities 
  • Provides members with supplier terms, rebates, shipping and other details from your negotiated supplier buying agreement 

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