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Insights that matter. When they matter. 

LBMX Analytics provides groups a 360-degree perspective and the clarity to make more powerful and informed decisions.  The right analytics can drive your group forward, optimize buying programs and increase member rebates.  

Most importantly, LBMX Analytics is based on real time data; not after the fact reporting.  That means responding to your environment when needed, like knowing if you are getting close to a rebate plateau before it is too late to act.  

The era of advanced analytics for buying groups has begun

Data is not a privilege.  Everyone needs to take data-driven action. LBMX’s powerful suite of BI and analytics tools will change the way you discover and share insights, so that you can make the best decisions, faster. 

Executive Dashboards

Get actionable, data-driven insights in real time on any device. Track your key group metrics, measure real-time progress towards key rebate plateaus, see which members are supporting your programs and which are not, and unearth hidden insights within your group.   

Smart groups know that data drives success. LBMX makes data visualization and exploration easy for everyone. 

Quick access to data. Get the answers you need in seconds. Simple to use. Anyone can use our solutions from technical, advanced users to senior executives to admin staff. Consistent, accurate & secure. Get reports and dashboards that produce a single version of the truth, not multiple versions depending on who produced it.

Analytics on the Move

Interact with your data, reports, and dashboards anytime, anywhere, from iOS and Android mobile devices. 

Why wait for a technical resource to deliver the information and insights you need? Leading technologies and proven frameworks enable you to self-serve quickly, easily, and securely.

Analytics for your Members

Your members can access their own analytic dashboards, allowing you to share the benefits of being part of the group. Members can see their own purchasing and rebate trends, as well as group benchmarks, giving them up-to-the-minute information on your supplier programs. 

What can you do with analytics?

Information is power. Insights gained from data on member purchases and supplier performance can strengthen the group’s negotiating position and drive better supplier programs. 


Go to the table knowing what your members are buying, from who.

Supplier Relationships

Track historical performance,  supplier score, invoice value, category performance, and rebate strength.

Member Evaluation

Evaluate member performance based on purchase order value, number of suppliers supported, and rebate revenue.


Optimize discount levels and forecast liabilities in terms of finance.

Real-time analytics & insights to grow member purchases.

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