OneConnect for Suppliers

A single connection.

With a single connection to LBMX, our one-to-many architecture allows you connect with your customers through our advanced OneConnect network. This means you can connect securely to LBMX over the web, through our OneConnect EDI service, or via one of our many ERP integration points. Once connected, you will have access to a powerful and expanding commercial network.  

LBMX OneConnect takes existing cloud-based EDI beyond document exchange and provides higher visibility and insight into the buyer-seller relationship. LBMX provides a fully outsourced solution allowing you to connect to major corporate hubs, buying groups and purchasing cooperatives, as well as thousands of independent businesses.  We accommodate most file standards as well as transmission types.

Connecting to LBMX offers suppliers great advantage. It means you can entirely automate the exchange of documents (invoices, purchase orders, purchase confirmations, and advance ship notifications) directly between you and your customers.  

How our solutions benefit your buying group.

What are the Solution Offerings?

You can choose any combination of the following LBMX OneConnect services related to ordering, tracking and payables:

Send invoices to all of your customers with just one connection.

Receive electronic purchase orders from your customers and send them purchase order confirmations. 

Send Advance Ship Notices to your customers.  

What comes next?

Of course this is just the start.  There are many more document types and solutions that will provide you value.

The Technical Stuff

File Standards We Support

Document Types we work with (and growing) 
810, 812, 824, 830, 832, 846, 850, 852, 855, 856, 860, 846, 870, 879, 882, 940, 945, 997, ORDERS, ORDRSP, DESADV, INVOIC 

Transmission Methods we Support
AS2, FTP, sFTP, VAN Interconnect

Buy better. Sell more. LBMX makes it possible.

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