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LBMX views the group supply chain as a cohesive marketplace of suppliers, independent members, and end use customers, tied together with the group as the central core. In effect, your role is to be the marketplace that brings together your member, end use customers and suppliers.  Built on the power of reliable, accurate, real-time data, the LBMX Group Marketplace provides the technology to differentiate, defend, and grow your group, making you the hero of your supply chain.

Designed to help you “buy better, sell more,” the LBMX Marketplace facilitates true group e-commerce. Built on a solid foundation of central or direct billing, rebate management, electronic orders, analytics and many-to-many EDI, it generates more event and group buys. The platform enables your members to sell more through national accounts programs, B2B and B2C ecommerce tools, and product information management (PIM).

How our solutions benefit your buying group.

Real-time insights
Waiting for purchase information from suppliers can keep you behind the competition. Our Analytics application will help you track member purchases in real time by category, by line, even by SKU, to use when you need it. You have everything you need to develop focused buying programs and maximize member rebates.

Be more efficient
Manage the flow of invoices between your members and suppliers quickly and securely, over the web or through our LBMX EDI Services™. Whether you bill directly or centrally (or want to), no matter the format you use this data management helps you shrink overhead costs, reduce errors and become more efficient.

Be more valuable
Relying on suppliers to provide timely member purchase activity leaves valuable rebate dollars on the table. Our Rebate Management application allows you to easily assign, track, record and calculate rebates in real time. No more missed rebate opportunities or plateaus.

Or deliver on your buying-power promise with our Order Marketplace application, an online catalogue and ordering system  generating high volume orders every time. Our Sales Marketplace applications help members sell more with national accounts, digital marketplaces, and group-curated product data management.

LBMX's many-to-many architecture.

With a single connection to LBMX, our many-to-many architecture allows your group, members, and suppliers to form an information-rich, commercial marketplace, without the need for specialized software investments or in-house IT knowledge. Your members and suppliers connect securely to the platform over the web, through our EDI service, or via one of our many ERP integration points. Once connected, your members have access to a powerful and expanding Trading Partner Network with your group at the hub.

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Buy better. Sell more. LBMX makes it possible.

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