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LBMX provides a rich platform of tools designed specifically for buying groups. Most of these tools can be used in isolation from the others, but when combined they form a powerful marketplace with your group at the center.

Rebate Management

LBMX’s Rebate Management gives your group the accuracy, flexibility and power to design and manage rebate programs proactively. From tracking rebate program performance to calculating member payouts and generating member statements, this is an end-to-end rebate solution designed with the unique needs of purchasing groups in mind.

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Central Billing

LBMX Central Billing manages the flow of electronic invoices, centralizes ordering, invoicing and payment processing. Everything is faster, more accurate, and easier so groups and members benefit.

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LBMX Analytics gives your group a 360-degree perspective and the clarity to make more powerful and informed decisions to drive your group forward, maximize buying, increase member rebates, and achieve group goals.

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Digital Buying Marketplace

LBMX’s digital marketplace provides a group-oriented solution for your members to buy and sell online. By providing e-commerce as a shared service, you increase member revenue while adding tremendous value to your group.

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Product Information Management

LBMX’s Product Information Management (PIM) provides the only PIM designed specifically for buying groups. Provide your members access to the rich product content they need to fuel their online sales and other initiatives.

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