How we deliver our solutions.

Engaging our proprietary many-to-many or one-to-many technologies, LBMX solutions live at the intersection of business

Our suite of software platforms provides access to real-time data so buying groups and their members can make real-time decisions without waiting for third-party information. In a competitive corporate marketplace, think more strategically on key issues like rebates, buying and ordering, and efficient billing.


Traditionally, connecting electronically to your suppliers and members meant setting up many one-to-one relationships. Then managing the multiple file types, data maps and transmission methodologies required expensive software and expensive specialist IT knowledge.

Traditional approach without LBMX

Many to Many architecture without LBMX

Our many-to-many architecture means that with a single connection to LBMX, your purchasing co-operative can effectively gather real-time information on purchases and rebates from suppliers and create significant value for your members, no specialist software or IT knowledge required.

LBMX's Many to Many architecture

Many to Many architecture with LBMX One-to-Many

Independent businesses can have the power of big efficiencies with our one-to-many technology, allowing you to collect and send data, documents and information to your suppliers, customers or buying group.

One to Many architecture with LBMX
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