Our independent roots run deep and so does our passion for their success.

  • Greg Dinsdale, President and CEO
    "Giving independent business owners the power of big technology lets them concentrate on what they do best: delivering exceptional service to a market they know best. That's why we love what we do."
    CEO - Mr.Greg Dinsdale

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    Throughout his 30-year career in IT, Greg held a series of management and executive positions with companies like IBM and Candle Corporation, and has worked in Canada, England and Scotland.

    After joining London, Ontario-based Dimensions Computer Systems in 1996 and making it Canada's largest ERP software provider for the building material and hardware industry, Greg and the Dimensions executive team launched LBMX four years later. Now LBMX enjoys successful client relationships in Canada, the U.S., New Zealand and Australia.

    Greg is actively involved in Scottish pipe band music as a teacher, performer and adjudicator in North America and the U.K., and is the past winner of the World Pipe Band Drumming Championship as lead drummer with the Toronto Police Pipe Band.

    He holds a Bachelor's Degree in Mathematics from the University of Waterloo, Ontario and a Master's of Business Administration from the Schulich School of Business, York University, Toronto, Ontario.

  • Robert Ward, Vice President of Sales and Marketing
    "What I enjoy most about working with groups and their members is that we can see how the platforms we have - how real-time data - can bring their business to places they need to be to compete."
    Sales VP - Mr. Robert Ward

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    Robert's early work at an apple-distribution co-operative serving North America sparked not only his interest in agriculture but an admiration for entrepreneurial passion, spirit and values.

    His career continued at an independently-owned lumber and building materials chain in eastern Canada, where he gained in-depth store operations experience and implemented technology to successfully manage its business environment. (A harbinger of things to come.)

    Becoming a key member of the Dimensions Computer Systems implementation team in 1998, and then LBMX's management team in 2004, Robert has worked closely with major buying groups around the world, deepening his broad and functional knowledge of how technology can help co-operatives and their members achieve operational excellence.

    Engaging his long-time interest in agriculture, Robert remains a student of the science and industry behind it and makes agritourism a regular part of family excursions.

  • Jim McMillan, Vice President of Client Services
    "As a member and independent business owner for over 27 years, I've walked more than a mile in our customers' shoes, so I know the competition they face. It's an invaluable, real-world experience and I enjoy applying it to help independents thrive, not just survive."
    Client VP - Mr. Jim McMillan

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    Jim's journey to LBMX and the world of independent retailing and purchasing groups began in the most logical of places, as a founding owner-operator of McMillan Carpets, a complete flooring store in Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario.

    After a 27-year-long entrepreneurial career, Jim joined the LBMX team in 2008 as Business Development Manager where his experience as a member of one of the world's most successful purchasing co-operatives (Carpet One/CCA Global) quickly made him a trusted client advisor. Recognized for his focus on creating robust, inclusive client relationships, Jim was appointed Director of Client Services and has been instrumental in the company's expansion to the U.S., New Zealand and Australia.

    A long-time minor hockey and baseball coach, Jim also volunteers for non-profit charity organizations and has held several executive positions over the years. He was educated at the Lake Superior State University in Sault Ste. Marie, Michigan, where he earned a Bachelor's of Science in Business Administration and Master's in Business Administration.

  • Tony Feuz, Chief Technology Officer
    "Watching a customer move their business from a manual processing environment to an automated one, and then harnessing the power of the data that has travelled through our system - that's what I enjoy about my work."
    Technology Chief -  Mr. Tony Feuz

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    During the first half of his 20-year career in software design, Tony worked in a wide range of business verticals, giving him a depth of experience that enables him to create the powerful, flexible and stable systems LBMX has built its reputation on.

    He has designed a variety of applications, from insurance-claims processing and point-of-sale systems to cancer/ultrasound software, online purchasing and a host of other critical custom software projects.

    Since joining LBMX in 2002, Tony has held a series of roles that capitalized on his considerable software-design expertise, including Team Lead and Software Architect, to his current - and critical - role of Chief Technology Officer, overseeing the teams responsible for software development and the network infrastructure of LBMX.

    When not enjoying travel with his family, Tony is competing on golf courses at the club, provincial and national levels. Tony holds an Honours Bachelor's Degree in Computer Science from the University of Western Ontario, London, Ontario.

  • Tom Jones, Chief E-Business Officer
    "Independent businesses will grow when they strategically apply their resources and gain efficiencies by redirecting them to other critical processes and places. Outsourcing EDI is a smart decision. I enjoy being part of making that happen."
    E-Business Chief - Mr. Tom Jones

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    It was through his early work in accounting at University Hospital in London, Ontario that Tom became involved in business IT.

    Leaving behind accounting, Tom moved into implementation and professional services roles with software companies that serviced the wholesale and distribution market, among other clients, throughout Canada, the U.S., France and Germany.

    Joining Dimensions Computer Systems in 1993, as Director of Implementation and Product Deployment, Tom led the implementation team and oversaw its client-site work, performing installations, quality-assurance testing and system deployment. In 2000, Tom accompanied his Dimensions colleagues in the launch of LBMX.

    In addition to supporting his three daughters in their athletic pursuits, Tom has actively coached girls' competitive soccer for more than 15 years. Successfully, too. Teams under his leadership have earned the right to play in the Canadian National and North America championships.

    Tom was educated at the University of Western Ontario in London, Ontario, the Certified General Accountants Assoc. (CGA) and St. Francis Xavier University in Halifax (Diploma in Adult Education).

  • Steve Seguin, Vice President of Products
    "Every purchasing co-operative is different, but they all face similar challenges. I enjoy seeing how the tools and expertise we provide help independent groups grow and find a firm foothold in an increasingly corporate marketplace."
    Products VP - Mr. Steve Seguin

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    Steve has been designing software products for buying groups and their members for over 15 years. As Director of Products, he oversees product design and management, ensuring LBMX products and services support the long-term prosperity of buying groups, their members and their EDI trading partners.

    Prior to LBMX, Steve served as the senior product manager for Activant Solutions (Canada) where he oversaw the design and rollout of their next-generation POS platform to one of Canada's largest purchasing co-operatives. He was IT and Logistics Manager for DigiPOS, providing POS software and hardware to independent retailers throughout North America and the UK. His software career also includes business analyst, project management, and quality assurance roles.

    Steve is actively involved in the theatre arts community, as a writer, performer, and board member for various theatre organizations and festivals. He holds a Master's of Arts Degree in History from the University of Western Ontario, London, Ontario.

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