Member Solutions

Maximize the value of your group.

Add value so members will never leave.

LBMX’s platform of products allows groups the ability to add a host of valuable shared services to their members. Shared services give your members the tools they need to succeed, tools that would have been otherwise cost-prohibitive.

Shared services demonstrate the clear value of your group to your members, increasing member loyalty, retention, and recruitment.

Member EDI

Implementing a fully integrated EDI solution means you’re committed to making your business run faster and smoother. You’ll have better control over information, make better use of your team and position your business for future growth.

What are the advantages of providing EDI through the group?

  1. Higher adoption rate – LBMX leverages the entire group so when a supplier evaluates whether there is enough volume to warrant implementing EDI the answer is more often YES as the weight of the buying group is behind the initiative
  2. Lower cost – With the LBMX model the member makes one connection to the group and they can exchange business documents with all suppliers. If you compare this to doing it on their own they need to make one connection per supplier
  3. Manage all document types – As the members member’s business grows they can add electronic documents to streamline processes. Essentially, the members EDI initiative can grow as they grow.
  4. Flat fees keep it simple – No complicated per document or per character fee structures. A yearly fee covers all EDI needs.

Cost Checker

Are the invoices sent by your suppliers accurate? Do their invoices accurately reflect your negotiated pricing or the most current costs? Are margins decreasing because retail prices are not being updated when costs increase? LBMX Cost Checker gives companies the security of knowing that suppliers’ invoices are accurate and shelf prices are up to date.

Only LBMX goes beyond efficiency to help you differentiate your buying group in a way no one else can.

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