B2B eCommerce Contractor Edition

Key account customers drive your business growth.

LBMX’s B2B eCommerce Contractor Edition allows independent distributors in the plumbing, HVAC, and building material industries to take care of their key account relationships. Your account customers and contractors should be the starting point for B2B eCommerce. These types of customers drive your business.

The LBMX B2B eCommerce Contractor Edition is a digital platform allowing your contractor customers to easily and quickly place orders and re-orders, anytime, anywhere!  These customers need to order products and conduct business on their terms, not just when the store is open, or a certain person is at the office. Making your business available to them when they need it will drive more account sales for your business.

The time for B2B eCommerce is now

The percentage of business that is going online is rapidly increasing and your account customers are following this trend.  These customers are younger, more tech-savvy, and have more options than ever before. You need to work with them in the way they want to do business. Now is the time to get started. Your customers are ready now. You cannot afford to wait.

Designed with contractors in mind

LBMX understands the relationship between you and your account customers. Most contractors work overtime: start before dawn and continue well after your normal closing time. You don’t want to send them to line up at a busy point of sale station. We make it possible for you to make their life easy by allowing you to sell to these contractors 24/7. With the help of our B2B eCommerce Contractor solution, contractors can visit your branded website to easily place new orders using the advanced search functionality.  Your customers will be able to find items by category, supplier, product name or product number and quickly re-order items in seconds.

A purpose-built, future-proof eCommerce solution

Before the internet and the age of digital marketing, almost all B2B transactions happened offline or in person. Most of these interactions were face-to-face, and this was key in building relationships with existing and new customers. While this type of relationship still exists today, more companies are looking to B2B eCommerce to find new ways to conduct business.

Build a scalable online business that caters to your contractor customers and provides a convenient shopping experience. Our solution is purpose-built to help make their jobs easier by solving the complexities of B2B ordering. The LBMX B2B eCommerce Contractor Edition is a future-proof foundation for business success. Now you can reach more customers and sell more anytime, anywhere.

Powerful end-to-end customer experiences

The LBMX B2B eCommerce Contractor Edition ensures your customers find what they need when they come to the site.  The platform integrates with your ERP, product information management, rebate management, and EDI systems so you can provide your key account customers a seamless purchasing experience.

For nearly two decades, LBMX has been working closely with independent businesses, their suppliers, and buying groups. We understand your business ecosystem.  Reap the benefits of our unified B2B eCommerce platform purpose-built with rich features and unique customization to serve your business.

Drive more account sales for your business with a B2B eCommerce Contractor solution.

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