Accurate, efficient and secure.
That's EDI for Members with LBMX.

Companies like yours run on the exchange of business-critical documents, like invoices and purchase orders. Moving this kind of data electronically with EDI (electronic data interchange) can help you run more accurately, more efficiently.

Plus, because EDI eliminates rekeying, you will have better control over critical information and can lower your operating costs.

But you're not in the business of EDI. LBMX is.

Place the power of LBMX EDI Services™ at the nexus of your business relationships – affordably and securely. We take care of the heavy lifting to set up and test every exchange relationship, and work with your accounting and inventory software to determine the best integration options for exporting and importing documents.

We make sure documents like these are safe, secure and easy to access:

  • Invoices
  • Purchase Orders
  • Advanced Shipping Notices
  • Purchase Order Confirmations

No matter how many suppliers you do business with or the number of customers who depend on you, LBMX EDI Services™ are entirely scalable.

  • Full document mapping, translation and transmission.
  • Work in any document format you choose
  • Trade documents with all your suppliers – preferred and non-preferred

A lower cost of doing business is just the beginning

One connection, everyone connected

With a single connection, you can exchange business-critical documents like invoices, credits, purchase orders, and purchase order confirmations with all of your suppliers. No dedicated EDI team required.

Manage all document types

Your business is growing, and so is the list of documents you process. As your needs expand, a good integrated EDI solution will too, right along with you.

Integrate with your existing system

LBMX integrates with most major inventory and accounting software. If not, we will design and develop a stable solution.

No rekeying

Invoices and purchase orders flow in and out of your system with no rekeying. Errors are expensive. EDI with LBMX eliminates them.

Flat fees keep it simple

No complicated per document or per character fee structures.
A single monthly fee covers all of your EDI needs.

It's the simple, most cost-effective way to connect with suppliers

Implementing a fully integrated EDI solution means you're committed to making your business run faster and smoother. You'll have better control over information, make better use of your team, and position your business for future growth.

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