Outsource your EDI.
You've got other great work to do.

Companies like yours run on the exchange of documents. Invoices, purchase orders and acknowledgements are just some of the information that keeps business moving.

Done well, exchanging data electronically - EDI - is efficient, quick and avoids rekeying. But you're not in the business of EDI.

We are, and we do it safely and securely

Outsource your EDI to LBMX and place the power of our many-to-many technology at the nexus of your data-exchange relationships - affordably. Plus we take care of the heavy lifting to set up and test every exchange relationship.

Connect one time with your suppliers and customers and exchange business-critical data like invoices, statements or purchase orders for the future, plus work in the file format of your choice.

No matter how many suppliers you do business with or the number of customers who depend on your services, LBMX EDI Services™ are entirely scalable. We make sure your data is safe, secure and easy to access.

  • Full document-mapping, translation and transmission
  • Work in any document format you choose
  • Trade documents with non-EDI customers and suppliers
EDI - safe, secure and by LBMX.
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