An ordering solution that recognizes what's important: your members.

When it comes to handling member purchase orders, buying groups face a unique challenge: deliver an electronic solution that meets the needs of smaller members without disrupting the sophisticated systems of larger ones.

LBMX understands your ordering platform must be flexible and adapt to your members' processes, not replace them. We also know a business truth: people will use what they see value in using.

That's why we developed a collection of complementary ordering tools that boost the orders placed through your group, and keep member adoption at the top of your must-haves list.

Consider order re-keying. Required by many webbased ordering platforms sold as a quick and simple fix, re-keying will have your members saying, "Thanks, but no," and you saying good-bye to the ROI on your technology investment - measured in dollars and cents for the software and the loss of member trust and confidence when the solution falls flat.

Instead, choose something that works. From webbased catalogues to direct EDI integrations, give your members the ordering option that works best for them. Build a manageable, scalable ordering platform your members will actually use that stays in lockstep with your group's growth.

Catalogue Ordering

How a product catalogue should be: online, current, full of colour and information. Using our platform, you can work closely with your vendors to build a catalogue that contains accurate information your members will rely on. A single destination with a simple format.

Event Buys

Event buys save costs and increase rebates. LBMX gives you the tools to identify the best event buy products, and gauge member interest and order estimates before negotiations. Plus it will help you confirm orders are placed and product is delivered directly to your members.

Day-to-day orders

Vendor without a catalogue? Members without EDI capabilities still need a fast, easy way to place orders electronically. LBMX provides an online portal for members to place their day-to-day orders, pre-populated with products.

Full integration

Re-keying is inefficient. Period. Instead, make existing member systems even more efficient with LBMX's integration services. We pull the PO's created in the member's own software, and send them electronically to the vendor - and preserve your ability to see the information.

Ordering Analytics

Have full visibility into member orders, no matter the source. Whether via the web, member ERP, phone or fax, LBMX provides you the data so your group can stay on top of business. Report on member buying habits, react to trends, and make sure your members are supporting preferred vendor programs.

Data Checker

LBMX's Data Checker automatically combs through every order to find disparities and errors, so you can catch mistakes before they become problems. Rules compare the order price against the vendor buying agreement, and ensure invoice prices match order prices.

Credit Management

We help central bill groups minimize their exposure with tools that advise when a member is nearing credit limits, and can highlight unusual spikes in ordering patterns to flag potential 'bulking up'.

LBMX Product Ordering Solutions. Making it easier for your members to order through your group.

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