Best guesses are no way to plan for the future. Best decisions are.

LBMX's C-Suite Analytics with Board Reporting module gives your executive leadership the real-time insights they need on key performance metrics to make the best decisions for the future.

Fully integrated with the LBMX Solution Centre, C-Suite Analytics pulls and consolidates real-time data from key business areas like purchasing, products, and rebates.

Generate robust reports that quickly deliver details on group, member and vendor activities to fuel the decisions that will drive your business to new places, and give you an edge over the competition. Run reports any time you need them with year-over-year data to track, monitor and respond to trends. Ensure member and vendor meetings are more productive and relevant by having critical details close at hand.

C-Suite Analytics gives you the clarity you need for rearview mirror analysis, long-term planning and directing your group's performance.

Member Insights

Develop a more loyal, stronger membership base with comprehensive member activity information.

  • Determine member purchase history by category, vendor or group of vendors.

  • See member year-over-year purchasing trends. Are they buying more or less?

  • Rank a member's purchasing activity.

  • See full member rebate payout history.

  • Spot purchasing trends to determine where, when and from whom members are buying.

Vendor Insights

Cultivate mutually beneficial vendor relationships with detailed data.

  • Find out which products were purchased from a vendor for a specified period.

  • Calculate total member purchases and reveal year-over-year purchasing trends.

  • Determine a vendor's most loyal purchasers and where there's room for improvement.

  • Learn which members are purchasing less from a vendor and which are purchasing more.

  • How much is a vendor paying in rebates?

  • Rank a vendor's member purchasing activity against other vendors.

Product Insights

Focused buys become more compelling and relevant for your members when planned with thorough, year-over-year product activity and purchase reports.

  • How much of a specific product was purchased from competing vendors?

  • Determine which categories members are purchasing most and least of.

  • Gain insight into the products your members are buying inside and outside of the group.

Business Insights

You operate in the same competitive landscape as the big box stores. Run your business with the same insights they do.

  • Forecast your rebate program's performance so you can make adjustments while there's time.

  • Credit planning reports to allow central bill groups to forecast their credit exposure.

  • Measure group's overall year-over-year performance.

  • Identify your champion members and determine where there's work to be done.

Real-time data. Real-time decisions.

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