Artificial Intelligence for Groups: A New Curriculum

June 15, 2023

“What should we be teaching our students about ChatGPT and AI?” the program coordinator of the Business Analysis program at a national college asked us. A loaded question to be sure, especially given the short amount of time left in the meeting.

I was sitting with a small group of industry representatives in a program advisory committee helping guide the changes to the business analysis curriculum. My answer to the college was the same answer I give to buying groups.

Accept that ChatGPT and artificial intelligence (AI) is not going away.

In one form or another, it is going to be a valuable tool, and the time to begin familiarizing yourself with it is now. It is also still gathering critical mass. The exact tools that will have longevity are still in flux, and the best practices and use cases are still being formulated. Don’t let this become an excuse to delay learning or adopting AI; having an understanding of the core concepts of AI will give you a head start in understanding this rapidly changing environment. AI is quickly going to be a differentiator in business, and buying groups are no exception.

Beyond the tools, understand the concerns around AI and ChatGPT. Issues around misinformation, privacy, ownership and copyright, and cybersecurity are paramount, especially for buying groups and purchasing cooperatives where it’s not simply your data at risk but your members’ data as well. Clear answers don’t yet exist, and I suspect there will be a number of battles in court on these subjects in the months and years ahead. For now, be aware and be cautious.

Be transparent about when and how you use ChatGPT and other AI tools.

Set clear rules for your team around what is acceptable and what isn’t when it comes to using ChatGPT. If you do use these tools, let the consumers of the information generated know how it was created. Double or triple-check the results. Make sure your use of AI aligns with your group’s goals and values.

We live in a unique time. Never before has technology such as artificial intelligence been so affordable and readily available. At the same time, the gap between businesses that use technology and those that don’t is becoming bigger and more significant than ever. Make sure your group is not on the wrong side of that gap.

Written by Steve Seguin


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