Accurate, flexible and powerful rebate programs. Put more money in your members' pockets.

Rebate programs lay at the very core of your buying group. They define what you do, making it mission critical your programs are run well, run accurately and reliably. This is one service you need to get right, every time. Using after-the-fact supplier purchase reports leaves rebate dollars on the table, and that's no way to show members your true value.

LBMX's Rebate Management application gives your group the accuracy, flexibility and power to design and manage rebate programs proactively with reliable business insights. Based on real-time invoice data - not speculation - our application ensures you can seize every rebate opportunity and put more money in your members' pockets.

From tracking rebate program performance to calculating member payouts and generating member statements, this is an end-to-end rebate solution designed with the unique needs of purchasing groups in mind.

Capture every rebate opportunity for your members and deliver more to their bottom line.

  • Calculate rebates earned to the penny in real-time using actual invoice data.

  • Reconcile supplier rebate payments.

  • Know when to make that extra push to hit a plateau.

  • View the invoice details associated with each rebate.

  • Process and manage rebate payments.

  • Create simple or complex rebate programs, and go beyond the 'flat rate'.

    • Monthly, quarterly, semi-annual or annually

    • Gross dollar amounts, net dollar amounts, or units sold

    • Straight percentages, flat rate per unit, fixed dollar amount, or custom math

    • Plateau and non-plateau style

  • Generate customized analytics quickly and easily with a drag-and-drop report design feature.

  • Print program details in an easy-to-understand format to convey the power of your programs to members, or better negotiate with suppliers.

  • Assign GL account numbers to track rebate accounts and value-added tax recoverable accounts.

  • Share rebate information across applications.

  • Issue member rebate statements showing either invoice detail or summary information.

  • Better manage cash flows and set up payout schedules different from supplier rebate receivable schedules.

  • A complete rebate management tool to design customized programs, track their progress, calculate rebates, and issue member payouts and statements.

  • Quickly generate robust strategic reports with complete details on your programs and member performance.

  • See exactly where you need to focus attention for the next plateau.

  • In seconds, analyze hundreds of rebate programs using hundreds of thousands of invoices.

  • Design programs at the category/line levels.

  • Protect sensitive and confidential financial information with security settings that let you control who sees specific functions or reports.

  • Meet the business requirements of all participants in the supply chain without wondering, "Can our accounting system track this?"

Rebate Management. Because your members rely on you to deliver.

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