They have a national customer base. You have LBMX. Capture your biggest accounts and drive member sales.

When a significant account opportunity door opens, walk through it knowing you have LBMX’s best solution to help you secure and effortlessly serve national customers with one-stop ordering, and accurate, easy invoicing.

LBMX’s National Accounts module gathers realtime catalogue, pricing and ordering capabilities onto a single group-branded platform for your large, national account customers. Behind the scenes, it seamlessly and instantly routes orders through your member-distributor network, providing them with timely and accurate invoicing details.

As an added measure of confidence, National Accounts automatically compares invoice prices to the contract pricing, and handles discrepancies with the member-distributor before it reaches your customer.

That kind of accuracy and vigilant service inspires customer confidence, builds loyalty, and helps you compete with the big box competitors.


Grow Member Sales
  • Expand your group’s reach to include national accounts, and leverage the power of your broad member-distribution network.

One-stop, Branded Platform
  • Designed to reflect the image of your group, the single integrated platform presents a single, confident voice to your customer.
Ease of Ordering
  • National customers order for their entire network, no matter how far and wide their distribution needs. Your member-distributors receive the order swiftly, accurately.
Ease of Invoicing
  • Member-distributor invoice pricing is automatically verified against catalogue pricing, and discrepancies are corrected before they reach the customer.
Ease of Order Fulfillment
  • Purchase order is automatically routed to the nearest member where it can be filled from a geographic location that makes sense.
Seamless Integration
  • National Accounts seamlessly integrates with your current LBMX environment, and your customers’ order management software by enabling “punch out” capabilities.
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