Giving independent businesses
big efficiencies.

With our one-to-many technology, your independent business has the power to reach big efficiencies. Tap into your group's Member Network and receive important documents such as invoices and statements, rebate reports and supplier pricing in a user-friendly, secure web-based platform.

Then expand the platform and your capability to manage other group activities like report receiving, online product ordering, claims processing and electronic funds transfer - all without rekeying information.

Fewer errors, lower admin costs. More resources where you need them.

How our solutions benefit your business.

Be more strategic

Real-time data will help you find that competitive edge so you can grow the business. We can help you create a customer rebate program or analyze purchases to manage and maximize your rebates even from suppliers outside the group.

Be more efficient

LBMX Member Network™ integrates with POS or ERP programs you've already invested in, so you can receive and process business-critical documents quickly and efficiently.

  • Electronic invoices
  • A/R statements
  • Remittance advices
  • Rebate reports
  • Create purchase orders
  • Receive purchase order confirmations
  • Receive shipping notices

Eliminate data re-entry, reduce errors, shrink administration costs and have access to accurate, real-time information about your operations.

It's the power of big technology at the centre of your independent business efficiency.
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