Never overpay an invoice again.

Are the invoices sent by your suppliers accurate? Do their invoices accurately reflect your negotiated pricing or the most current costs? LBMX Cost Checker gives companies the security of knowing that suppliers' invoices are accurate.

The best time to catch invoice errors is before the invoice is entered into your accounting system and marked for payment. It is far too time consuming to review every invoice manually for cost errors of specific items. Yet the cost of incorrect invoices can add up significantly over time, resulting in a loss of profit margin and restricted cash flow.

LBMX Cost Checker is an easy-to-use tool that you can use to automatically and effortlessly check EDI invoices to ensure that the line item costs are accurate.

How Does It Work?

In your LBMX Document Centre, you will be able to maintain a protected cost list for any vendor. Simply choose a vendor and enter a vendor part number with the negotiated product cost. Alternately, you may import a spreadsheet with protected costs.

You are also able to enter an effective date so that you can account for known changes in product costs in the future.

If an invoice arrives with costs higher than those in the protected cost list, the invoice is clearly flagged with a warning and appears highlighted in yellow. You can then drill into the warning to see the details of the error and determine an appropriate course of action to resolve the issue.

Protecting your profit margin is just the beginning

Select the most important products to protect Some products are more important than others. Choose the products you wish to protect.
Set a product up once Once a product is added to your protected cost list, every time it appears on an invoice its cost will be automatically checked.
Be confident your invoices are correct 100% of the time Every invoice that arrives will be automatically checked to make sure costs are accurate. Know there is a problem right away before the invoice gets paid or ends up in your accounting system.

LBMX Cost Checker. Never overpay an invoice again.

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