We believe in the power of independents and co-operatives. So we became experts in the business.

That's a bold statement, sure. However, it comes from over a decade of focus, helping buying groups, purchasing co-operatives and their independent members become more effective, more competitive and make better strategic decisions with the power of reliable, accurate, real-time data.

As the leading technology and software partner for buying groups around the world, we have worked elbow-to-elbow with them, learning their challenges and generating strategic ideas. Our expertise enables us to hit the ground running so we can deliver sound counsel that brings businesses to new places.

We've turned that insight into trusted advisor and consultant relationships with groups of all sizes, in many different industries throughout Canada, the U.S., New Zealand and Australia.

Our associations and affiliations.

We continuously broaden our expertise by aligning with the vibrant network of associations and organizations dedicated to the success of groups and their members, the world over:

National Cooperative Business Association (www.ncba.coop)
Business Council of Co-operatives and Mutuals (Australia) (www.bccm.coop)
Cooperative Business New Zealand (www.nz.coop)
International Co-operative Alliance (www.ica.coop)
Singapore National Co-operative Federation (www.sncf.org.sg)
The Cooperative Way (www.thecooperativeway.coop)

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