LBMX Connect User Forum

From October 10-11, LBMX will be hosting their top users in a special user forum in London, Canada. Can you afford to miss this?

The power and flexibility of LBMX group solutions is significant and can achieve new heights with further training and understanding. Typically, users learn a narrow process when they are first trained by our implementation team, and they never deviate from that process. Even expert users lack an understanding of the multiple ways the LBMX tools can be used.

To make sure you are getting the most value possible from LBMX, make Connect 2018 part of your ‘must have’ professional development.

Connect User Forum

Connect is designed for users of all skill levels - from the newest to the most expert. Over two days, they will receive advanced training and insight into all areas of the application, including:

Connect 2018

Connect will take place from October 10-11 in the LBMX corporate offices in London, Canada.

If you have any questions, contact Tom Jones at

Please note: To maximize the value received by the attendees, attendance will be limited.


$495 USD (Each subsequent attendee $395 USD)

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